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SEO Copywriting Service

This service will help you improve your "Quality score" and gain competitive advantage by optimizing the copies of the landings of your campaigns.
For the landing pages of your campaigns to be judged by Google as relevant, you will need web texts aligned with the keywords you are going to bid on. The SEO Copywriting service is complementary to Google Ads consulting and is focused on getting the best possible landing experience score.

I am here to help you optimize your web copy for SEM, applying the best practices for your specific case.

Optimizing web texts... But isn't that the job of the SEO expert? or the Copywriter? maybe the SEO Copywriter? What a mess, isn't it?

Maybe you are already convinced of the importance of optimizing your web texts to be better understood and judged by Google, but you have doubts:
Is it true that text optimization can improve search engine positioning, also through more efficient SEM campaigns?
Is the content of the landings dedicated to SEM campaigns relevant and consistent with what Google Ads says?
What does my SEO specialist do, what about a Copywriter or content writer? What is the purpose of the SEO Copywriter?
I had a hard time writing the contents of my pages... is theessence of the texts goingto change much after this optimization?
Could we speak more rigorously then of a SEM Copywriter?
What other elements influence the quality and experience on the landing page besides web copy?
Manuel Martín Esparza - SEO Copywriter

I am a SEM-PPC specialist and I have a lot of experience in SEO Copywriting...

...what we might actually, more rigorously, call "SEM Copywriter", or the implementation of on-page best practices to achieve consistent usage between keywords bid on and landing page copy dedicated to PPC campaigns.

The objective of SEM Copywriting is to contribute another grain of sand in that part of the qualification as an advertiser, what Google calls "landing page experience".

The destination landing experience affects the "Quality Score".

All that background work that sends signals to get a good rating as an advertiser will help you to to achieve better positions than your competitorseven paying less per click than them.

Surely you are already convinced to work with care all aspects of quality that are in your hand to minimize the cost of your advertising bills. Among which (expected CTR, ad relevance...) we can't overlook what Google calls "landing page experience".

If you really want to get serious about gaining a competitive SEM advantage, two of the aspects that Google takes most into account when judging landing experience are - how? the texts/copies of the pages where your campaigns land and the ease of navigation of the landing page.

Superior" experience on the landing page = High Quality


When the experience on your landing page is above average, If the relevance of the ad and the expected CTR are also above average, you will get a rating of OUTSTANDING (9/10, 10/10).

This is relevant to the actual CPC of your ads, as you will be in a position to save more than your competitors for similar positions, and may even be able to outperform them by paying less per click. This is the desirable situation and the one I will help you to reach..

Average" experience on the landing page = Average Quality


Your keywords may have a good quality in terms of some criteria ("expected CTR", "ad relevance*), but if you lack a good score for "experience at the destination landing",you will never get an "OUTSTANDING", which is what we aspire to. We would get at best a "NOTABLE".

In this example, all five words are sent to the same landing page, so if in 4 of them the "landing experience" is "above average", we can deduce that the website loads quickly. However, there is one word (8/10) where the rating could probably be improved by optimizing copies (ruled out a loading speed problem) so that they give a better response to the user on our landing page.

Inferior" experience on the landing page = Low quality.


It is possible to have acceptable qualities in terms of expected CTR and ad relevance, but improvable in terms of page, where other aspects that are part of the user experience are included, such as loading time.

You can measure the loading time of your mobile website with GoogleTestMySite and if appropriate, work with your developer on a site speed improvement plan.


Speaking of optimizing texts, just to be clear: What is the difference between SEO Expert, Copywriter and SEO Copywriter?

What does my SEO specialist do?

A SEO expert collaborator's main mission is to gain visibility for your website in the organic results of a search engine. This type of professional is in charge of designing your SEO strategy and executing a myriad of actions to implement it (content, on-page, off-page, etc.).

SEO professionals tend to be highly technical profiles.

Although they understand the importance of Copywriting and content to seduce the consumer (to sell) and the search engine (to make them visible), however, SEO experts do not necessarily have the ability to write texts or a good hand for writing (as in everything, there are always exceptions).

And then, a Copywriter?

It can help you write content that appeals to the reader, sells and entices your audience. You've probably authored your own content yourself. The content editor is similar to the SEO professional: at best, he or she understands the importance of writing for search engines, but doesn't necessarily know how users search or SEO optimization techniques. He or she creates seductive content for users, but has yet to optimize it for SEO.

What is the task of a Copywriter for SEO?

An SEO Copywriter combines the two skills: the talent to write and the knowledge of the best practices to give visibility to the written content. It is a perfect duo or marriage. The value of an SEO Copywriting service lies in offering in a single step the creation of attractive content for users and the consideration of SEO factors that help to give them visibility in Google.

What about a SEM copywriter?

He is perhaps the one who researches keywords most thoroughly, because he works with them directly in SEM campaigns.

SEM Copywriting" is often referred to as a facet related to the writing of seductive ads (parallelism with Copywriter), and that, at the same time, are judged as relevant (parallelism with SEO).

However, few refer to landings text optimization tasks. This "copywriting service for SEM" (parallelism with SEO Copywriting) is what I offer you on this page, conveniently just a click away.

In summary:

Defining strategies and executing a myriad of SEO tactics to make a website visible
SEO Techniques
Write attractive Messages, Texts/Copies that seduce users.
Write attractive Messages, Texts/Copies that appeal to users
SEO Copywriter
Optimize content for SEO.
A mixture of both
SEM Copywriter
Optimize Copies/Text for SEM (target landing experience)
A mixture of both
Defining strategies and executing a myriad of SEO tactics to make a website visible
SEO Techniques
Write attractive Messages, Texts/Copies that appeal to users
Writing, written communication, editing
SEO Copywriter
Optimize content for SEO
A mixture of both
SEM Copywriter
Optimize Copies/Text for SEM (target landing experience)
A mixture of both

How my SEO Copywriting service works

The implementation of the service follows a very simple process, which usually takes 2 weeks or just 3 days if you opt for an express service.
Step 1
Hire me as SEO Copywriter
You can do it comfortably in one click, and in the way that best suits your circumstances.

Choose between one or several pages, one or several languages, normal delivery or express delivery...
Step 2
Send me the web content to be optimized
You can send me the content of your page(s) in a text document.

Or, if the contents are already uploaded, you can simply tell me the URL or URLs of your website to optimize and I will scrape the contents with a web scraping tool.
Step 3
I'm getting down to work with web text optimization.
Starting by performing a keyword analysis and also an analysis of your current content.

In this phase, I will focus all my efforts and experience in reaching a reasonable compromise between the essence of the original texts and optimized copies for SEM campaigns, so that you get the first benefits in your campaigns.
Step 4
Here are some suggestions for text optimization
It's time to upload the new texts to the content manager.

Once published, I will be monitoring the effect of this optimization on the quality, in case there are adjustments to be made.


These clients hired my SEO Copywriting service and sent me an unsolicited testimonial:
Dolores Gonzalez
CEO Farmadina

"Since Manuel has been managing our Google Ads account and my company's Merchant, the results are really good in volume and profitability. No doubt thanks to his professionalism and his work."

Bostjan Veronik
CEO Seatizen Sail Croatia

"Our company is a client of his since 2012.

Thanks to excellent Paid Search knowledge of Manuel M. Esparza, we could increase our sales by more than 200% over the same period by actually lowering our marketing costs for campaigns, which significantly improved our ROI and provided us with an unbeatable competitive advantage of every market we are serving."

José María González de la Cruz
CEO EyD XVII, Lawyer

Manuel has helped us a lot in discovering the Google channel to generate business opportunities for our Firm.

He has accompanied us at all times with great accessibility and empathy with our business.

We have gone from a certain initial disbelief to a full conviction that we want to continue betting on these channels to win new customers.

Bobby O'Connor
SVP of Sales & Marketing WestRock

Manuel is a committed and hard working professional.

He has a great ability to handle many complex issues at the same time and also possess a rare ability to determine the central issue at stake and solve it.

I recommend his digital marketing services for many reasons including his targets' accomplishment, insight, work ethic, intelligence and unique sense of humour!

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