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About Manuel Martín Esparza

My name is Manuel Martin Esparza.

I am a consultant
SEM-PPC expert.

I hope you will have one of the best possible experiences with your Google advertising, and that you will accompany me - as an extension of you or your team - as a SEM-PPC consultant and that you will stay collaborating with me for a long time.

That will mean that your business' Google positioning is going well, that your project is growing, and that will be my reward: the satisfaction of a job well done.

This is how I got here

1995 - 1999

After graduating from university, and thanks to the Erasmus program, I went to study at L'École de Commerce de Lyon. In France I started my professional career in marketing working for DANONE INTERNATIONAL BRANDS in Paris.


From the FMCG world, I gained experience in the industrial sector (B2B) as business development manager for Spain and Portugal (food industry) for the UNILEVER group in Barcelona.


My transition to technology took place when I was responsible for business development for the French-speaking markets at AMADEUS IT GROUP in Madrid. advertising and data solutions for the French-speaking markets at AMADEUS IT GROUP in Madrid.

2006- 2009

Manuel Martín Esparza Google Partner
Although I have worked for companies and clients that are excellent in everything they do, none so out of the ordinaryI have worked for companies and clients as charismatic in their mission and as unique and extraordinary in their human talent as GOOGLE. From the European headquarters in Dublin I was in charge of developing the AdSense business with Spanish publishers.


When I really internalized the reality of an advertiser and the challenges of the PPC campaign management was as SEM SEO Director at IE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Madrid, where, with a new internal team, we managed to double the number of people interested in the MBA Online, and where Google Ads was the basis for international expansion.


At EDUCAEDU ("the Idealist of master's degrees"), I created and led a marketing team responsible for driving the growth of EDUCAEDU 's international business from the Madrid and São Paulo offices. qualified lead solutions business growth internationally from the Madrid and São Paulo offices.


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As of today I am freelance PPC consultant. I have had the good fortune to work with clients of all sizes in Spain, Europe and Brazil and in very diverse sectors (ecommerce, hospitality, finance, education, insurance, telecoms, etc.), which have enriched my perspectives and "flight hours" as a PPC specialist.

My mission has been and continues to be to add value by helping advertisers gain competitive advantage and make the most of their advertising investments.

More about me

I strongly believe in individual responsibility as a driver for the betterment of society as a whole. People who recommend me on LinkedIn highlight my sense of responsibility and dedication to the client.

I am convinced that the individual contributions of many can help to overcome crises of all kinds for the benefit of the whole. That is why I demand that advertising on the Internet should be done in a sensible, excellent and ethical way. It is up to me to assume this responsibility as a specialist in Google Ads, SEM and PPC.

I am a cosmopolitan person (I speak 5 languages), restless about technology and people. I believe in the value of respect for others as a catalyst for empathy, the rapprochement between the parties and the search for mutual benefit.

Nothing has made me a better student than having to form work teams and students. Part of my time is dedicated to in-company training (creation of internal PPC teams) and university teaching. I currently collaborate as an external lecturer in several postgraduate programs.
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I have had the pleasure of participating in many projects, helping people and companies like you to achieve their goals in a wide variety of niches and activities.
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