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Natural Swiss Europe

Success story: ecommerce sales growth and internationalization.
Dietary supplements.
Google Ads Consulting, SEO Copywriting.
Winter season (January - May 2017).

The customer

Natural Swiss Europe is a project that was born in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs in Central Europe.

During these years, its R&D team has been developing food supplement formulas based on natural and 100% vegetarian ingredients for colon cleansing and internal detoxification treatments, immune system reinforcement, etc.

Natural Swiss, a pioneer in marketing in the traditional retail channel (mainly pharmacies), at one point made a strategic commitment to the online channel (B2C) and internationalization as pillars of growth for the brand.

These are some of the brand's current online stores in Europe:


After the euphoria typical of any start-up, a series of restructurings were carried out in 2016 to accelerate sales growth in the European markets in which the company was already operating.

The client perceived that the returns on its marketing efforts varied across markets, which were managed separately by various SEM agencies at the national level in each of the countries.


I proposed to the client a multilingual Google Ads campaign services solution.

After an exhaustive SEM audit and an analysis of keywords and search trends updated in these languages, I suggest some lines of action to improve results, in the image and likeness of Italy (Google Ads account that I already managed) based on four pillars or SEM strategies:

Serving the demand for intentional Google searches.

I carried out a restructuring of the skeleton of the campaigns, an enrichment of the high-performance themes already proven in other markets as well as a renewal of the ads to gain relevance at the level of each of the new ad groups of the new structure.

It was important to achieve a high level of impression coverage on those generic keywords with the highest intent, as these visits initiated those conversion paths that often ended up in branded searches, remarketing or other traffic channels, such as direct.

Maximizing search visibility through Google Shopping.

I proceeded to set up the Merchant Center for each marketplace, edit the product feeds in those languages and experiment with product listing ads.

Over time, after months of monitoring and optimization, Google Shopping campaigns have been absorbing part of the conversions and revenue that previously came from classic text ads(diversification in search).

The increase in the return on advertising investment in Google Shopping campaigns is remarkable. The most recent automatic bidding strategies (ROAS, for example) have strengthened the return obtained with these campaigns.

Taking full advantage of Google Display to find new customers.

Similar to the Italian success story, I proceeded to design and implement Display campaigns, segmented according to a variety of audiences (purchase intent, affinity, locations, custom audiences, etc.).

The prospecting campaigns were intended to generate brand discovery. These visits would then appear in reports as starting points for conversion paths, usually via branded searches, towards meeting performance objectives.

Display quickly became a powerful and effective mechanism for conversion and revenue growth, the "de facto" source of more than 50% of conversion paths. A volume that could not have been achieved through search campaigns alone. The utility of these display campaigns is thus fulfilled: generating incremental conversion volume.

Completing the conversion funnel through Remarketing.

To work on the final phase of the customer's journey, I took exquisite care in designing and implementing Remarketing - effective and non-intrusive - that sought to find that user who was certainly interested (as he had already visited the website) but who - probably - had not yet found that moment of calm to complete his purchase.

Remarketing campaigns impacted through different text and graphic formats to interested users, both in search (RLSA) and Display ("classic" Remarketing).



Restructuring of the skeleton of campaigns and groups.

Enrichment of themes and keywords of high intentionality.

Editing of ads relevant to each of the ad groups.

Improvement of the Quality Score of the account.

Diversification of the conversion mix (50% Search, 50% Display).


Increase in transactions
(DE, FR and IT)


Return on Google Shopping


CPA reduction
EU average (YoY)


SEM investment


The various account restructurings lay the groundwork for sustainable growth in the following years.


All management, optimization and reporting of European payment campaigns is centralized in a single point of contact.


Success inspires customer confidence to test in new markets.

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