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PPC Retargeting Consulting

This service will help you maximize conversions and synergies with Google Ads through remarketing campaigns.
To keep the memory of your brand alive while customers mature their decision, your campaigns can be complemented with a remarketing service focused on completing the purchase or contact, through a "last push" that takes them back to your pages to complete the pending task. I am here to help you do this, applying the most appropriate solutions for your specific case.

How to find synergies with Google Ads through other PPC campaigns?

Maybe you are toying with the idea of advertising with remarketing on social networks, or on Display, or on Amazon, beyond Google ads, but you have some doubts:
Is it true that users who are impacted with retargeting ads are up to 70% more likely to convert?
How do I rank on social media and other websites when users have visited my pages?
Can I reach similar audiences, even if they have not visited my website?
When is the right time, with what intensity and until when?
My money's on Facebook or Instagram? LinkedIn? Twitter? What a mess... right?
How much "dough" can retargeting campaigns represent in my total advertising budget?
How can I do retargeting without blowing my budget?
I have an Amazon account, is it worth retargeting users who visit my sponsored product pages?
Am I going to "inform" my customers, or am I going to become an "intruder"? Can I make them angry?
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I am a consultant for direct response PPC campaigns, and how not? Remarketing?

...or "retargeting", which is known in both ways..., that definitive "push" to finally get the customer.

We are talking for example about that social media advertising targeted to those who already know you, when they spend time on their social networks...

Or those display ads that remind them of their abandoned cart when they visit other websites...

Whatever advertiser you are (accurate targeting allows you to start with affordable budgets), what is certain is that these are the best performing PPC campaigns you will ever find.

The "Ad Rank" (Google and Amazon) and the "Relevance Score" (Facebook) continue to set the agenda...

A potential customer who has shown interest in you is worth gold.. If he leaves your website without buying or contacting, it doesn't mean he's not interested. He is probably still comparing other options like yours. Or he might even have already decided on you, although he might be better off come back at a later time with a calmer, more comfortable device, etc..

Remarketing advertising can work great for you, and allows you to redirect them to your website. (when it's convenient for them) to finish requesting that information or completing that abandoned cart. Your future customers will want more than one interaction with you before taking the plunge. That's why it is key to reconnect with them also in their daily routine, when they consume content (Display Remarketing), socialize on social networks (Display Remarketing), or when they are in a social network (Display Remarketing). (Remarketing Social Media Ads) or continue to look for (Search Remarketing).


Search Remarketing (RLSA)

When they keep searching on Google. Visitors who leave your site without contacting or buying are likely to continue searching on Google... This is an opportunity to reconnect with them through search remarketing ads, tailoring messages, promotions, bids, etc. to get them to complete the purchase or contact.

You can also target your messages to customers who have already had a previous purchase experience with you to support your retention goals.

The provision of search remarketing campaigns is included in the Google Ads campaign service.

Display Remarketing

When they visit other websites. You can be very good at attracting traffic to your website, but you still have to get them to remember you and try your product or service.

The Google Display Network is a great channel to impact users who have already been to your website, other similar audiences, or even customers, when they consume content from other websites, blogs, media, apps, etc.

You need display campaigns with good CTR, so that Google rewards you with high quality. This is the desirable situation and the one I am going to help you to reach.

Social Media Remarketing

When they spend time on Social Media. How many times have you seen an ad for that product you added to your cart, but left abandoned, when you were hanging out on Facebook or Instagram?

Customers are going to want more than one interaction with you before they jump in to buy from you. The chance of convincing increases when you connect with them also in their daily routine, when they browse for example on their social networks.

A customer is more likely to buy or contact you in a calm moment, and social networks play an important role in that, by the very nature of the medium.

Amazon Remarketing

When they have visited pages on Amazon. If you have an Amazon seller account, you can recontact your customer when they visit sponsored product pages of your competitors on Amazon itself.

It is now also possible to do so when they leave the marketplace and browse Apps and other Amazon properties, or even third-party websites.

I can help you personalize your messages to both those who have visited your products and those who have viewed a particular category.

Example of savings to be achieved on Facebook and Displaybased on your advertiser qualification:

Cost savings from increased engagement and CTR on Facebook and Google Display
Just as Google protects its ecosystem by "rewarding" or "punishing" advertisers through the "Quality Score", Facebook or Amazon also do something similar through the "Ad Rank" or "Relevance Score".

Several analyses (e.g. WordStream) suggest that each additional percent of engagement on a Facebook post (+1%) translates into a 5% savings in CPE. And for the Display network, a 20% savings in CPC every time the CTR doubles (from 0.20% to 0.40%, for example). And vice versa...

The idea of relevance is always behind every PPC campaign, whether it is Google, Facebook or Amazon. Sponsored posts with high interaction rate (likes, comments or clicks), display ads with good CTR, or Amazon ads with high CTR and CR (among others) are rewarded with lower advertising costs. You need ads that send signals of relevance.

This way you will get better returns on your ads and they will cost you less. That is why it is very important that you take care of the quality of your PPC campaigns to avoid cost overruns. Getting a competitive advantage is paramount for your investment to be profitable and sustainable, and I know how to help you achieve it.

How my PPC service works

The start-up of the service follows a very simple process, which usually takes 2 weeks.
Step 1
You hire me as a PPC Consultant
You can do it comfortably in one click, and in the way that best suits your budget.

Choose between monthly payment without permanence, quarterly, half-yearly, annual... with important discounts depending on the plan you choose.
Step 2
I set out to understand your business, audiences, messages...
It is very important to talk to you to fully understand your business, what your objectives are and the problems that prevent you from achieving them.

Every business is different, and campaigns can be designed differently for each business depending on its characteristics and objectives.
Step 3
Connect with your data sources
A well designed and implemented campaign structure is critical to lay the foundation for a good return on your investment.

You are going to advertise on Google, but we will do it in the right conditions so that you can gain a competitive advantage.
Step 4
I configure your PPC campaigns
To achieve the best results and evaluate the different actions that we are going to perform , we set up a solid system that allows us to measure the results.

Also, to compete in the best conditions and achieve an excellent user experience on landing page it is convenient to optimize the copy of the page among other aspects.
Step 5
I test the tracking pixels
It's time to launch your Google Ads campaigns, and I will be on top of them.

This phase is delicate and that's why I focus all my efforts and experience in stabilizing the campaigns so you get your first positive results in your Google Ads account.
Step 6
Some SEM tasks are one-time tasks, such as campaign setup, and others will be performed on a recurring basis after launch, such as bid management, campaign optimization, monitoring and reporting, etc.
PPC Tasks
After the set up of the PPC campaigns (one-time), there are other PPC tasks that will be carried out on a recurring basis, such as bid management, campaign optimization, results monitoring, reporting, etc.


These clients hired my PPC Consulting service and sent me an unsolicited testimonial:
Dolores Gonzalez
CEO Farmadina

"Since Manuel has been managing our Google Ads account and my company's Merchant, the results are really good in volume and profitability. No doubt thanks to his professionalism and his work."

Bostjan Veronik
CEO Seatizen Sail Croatia

"Our company is a client of his since 2012.

Thanks to excellent Paid Search knowledge of Manuel M. Esparza, we could increase our sales by more than 200% over the same period by actually lowering our marketing costs for campaigns, which significantly improved our ROI and provided us with an unbeatable competitive advantage of every market we are serving."

José María González de la Cruz
CEO EyD XVII, Lawyer

Manuel has helped us a lot in discovering the Google channel to generate business opportunities for our Firm.

He has accompanied us at all times with great accessibility and empathy with our business.

We have gone from a certain initial disbelief to a full conviction that we want to continue betting on these channels to win new customers.

Bobby O'Connor
SVP of Sales & Marketing WestRock

Manuel is a committed and hard working professional.

He has a great ability to handle many complex issues at the same time and also possess a rare ability to determine the central issue at stake and solve it.

I recommend his digital marketing services for many reasons including his targets' accomplishment, insight, work ethic, intelligence and unique sense of humour!

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