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This service will help you gain a competitive advantage through responsible and sustainable SEM campaigns.
To appear in Google in the best possible conditions and get the most out of your advertising investment, you need a solid SEM foundation and a campaign management and optimization service, focused on quality and results. I am here to help you achieve this, applying the most suitable solutions to your specific case.

How to choose the best option for my business among so many SEM experts?

If you have arrived at this page, it is very likely that you are thinking about advertising on Google, but you have some doubts... among others:
How much "dough" do I need to invest in Google?
How do I "squeeze all the juice" out of my advertising budget?
Do I bet everything on search ads? can I advertise in Shopping? display? is it worth it?
Is it true that Google can reward or punish you if you advertise?
How do I advertise on social networks, as my competitors do?
Manuel Martín Esparza Google Ads service

I am Manuel Martín Esparza, SEM-PPC consultant and Google Ads specialist,

that even nowadays is still known as AdWords, although it is no longer the official name...

Yes, yes, we are talking about that successful Google advertising that gives visibility to your brand in front of your potential customers just when they are looking for you.

I'm sure you'd rather we talk about "investing" than "spending" on advertising. Investing with the direct response approach, we can name it in concrete terms, which could include (but not limited to) purchases, inquiries, calls, visits to your physical store, etc.

The "Quality Score" affects your CPC

The Quality Score is the way Google judges your quality as an advertiser. giving a "rating" or "grade", depending on your good or bad practices as an advertiser.

The "Quality Score" can be interpreted as aa metric that rewards or punishes the effort made by an advertiser to protect the ecosystem. To advertise on Google you have to compete in an auction where factors such as cost per click (CPC), but also (and this is very important) the "Quality Score" come into play.

The "Quality Score" is very relevant for your campaigns.The "weight" (the expense or investment) that you have to contribute to your campaigns will decrease the better your rating is.

Low Quality Score = higher CPC

PAY MORE. That's how fair (or unfair) this advertising ecosystem is: if you are careless and inadequately focus your SEM campaignsGoogle will consider that your ad does not deserve to be shown to users, as it will consider it annoying and lacking in value.

When you have a low rating (1/10, 2/10, 3/10...) you have no choice but to accumulate more weight (more spending) to try to balance the scales in the auction that controls which ads are shown or not shown to users, and that follows the equation "Position = Quality Score x CPC"..

Average Quality Score = Benchmark CPC

NEUTRAL EXPENDITURE. This is the starting point for any advertiser who starts investing in Google Ads campaigns with a new ad account.

Since it does not yet have your quality history (expected CTR, ad relevancy, user experience on the landing page, etc.) Google gives the benefit of the doubt and the advertiser pays the cost per click (CPC) "benchmark.

In this "balanced" situation the advertiser does not (yet) benefit from discounts but does not incur any cost overruns either (for the time being, but these will come if Google's rating for the new ad account is low).

High Quality Score = lower CPC

YOU PAY LESS. Finally, when you demonstrate that you are a "hard-working" and "relevant" advertiser, providing service and value to users, thus protecting the ecosystem, Google rewards you with a high rating (8/10, 9/10, 10/10). This is the desirable situation and the one I will help you to reach..

In this ideal situation your business will gain a competitive advantage on GoogleThe "Quality Score" will play in your favor in the equation Ad Rank = CPC * Quality Score, which means that you will pay less per click to occupy the same ad position than other advertisers with a lower Quality Score. You could even appear above your competition without accumulating more weight (investment) because the Quality Score is already at its highest point of the scale.

Icon representative of high quality indexes and low CPCs

Example of savings and cost overruns to be achieved in Google Ads depending on your advertiser qualification.

you save more
50% discount
44.20% discount
37.50% discount
28.60% discount
16.70% discount
Reference CPC
you pay more
25.00% increase
67.30% increase
150.00% increase
400% increase

Some studies (e.g. WordStream) estimate the CPC increase up to +400% compared to the reference CPC when the quality (the "Quality Score") of an advertising account can be improved. It is therefore very important that you take care of the quality of your account to avoid incurring cost overruns that your competitors may be avoiding thanks to a better quality of their accounts.

The same study indicates a saving of up to -50% in the reference CPC when your advertising account is in good health and has a high "Quality Score".

An example that illustrates Google's behavior: 2 competitors invest 12,000€/year, the first one has a Quality Score 6/10 and gets 12,000 clicks per ad. The second one with a Quality Score of 2/10 would be paying +150% extra cost per click compared to the first one, which means that he would only get 8,000 clicks with the same budget.

This example illustrates perfectly that the same advertising effort can achieve more and better results (almost double) depending on the Quality Score: the Quality Score is very important to get a competitive advantage and make your investment profitable and sustainable, and I know how to help you achieve it.

How my Google Ads service works

The implementation of the service follows a very simple process, which usually takes 2 weeks or just 3 days if you opt for an express service.
Step 1
You hire me as a Google Ads Consultant
You can do it comfortably in one click, and in the way that best suits your budget.

Choose between monthly payment without permanence, quarterly, half-yearly, annual... with important discounts depending on the plan you choose.
Step 2
I get to work to understand your business, audience and objectives.
It is very important to talk to you to fully understand your business, what your objectives are and the problems that prevent you from achieving them.

Every business is different, and campaigns can be designed differently for each business depending on its characteristics and objectives.
Step 3
Configure your SEM Campaigns
A well designed and implemented campaign structure is critical to lay the foundation for a good return on your investment.

You are going to advertise on Google, but we will do it in the right conditions so that you can gain a competitive advantage.
Step 4
Landing page testing
To achieve the best results and evaluate the different actions that we are going to perform , we set up a solid system that allows us to measure the results.

Also, to compete in the best conditions and achieve an excellent user experience on landing page it is convenient to optimize the copy of the page among other aspects.
Step 5
Launching of campaigns
It's time to launch your Google Ads campaigns, and I will be on top of them.

This phase is delicate and that's why I focus all my efforts and experience in stabilizing the campaigns so you get your first positive results in your Google Ads account.
SEM Tasks
One-time tasks
Some SEM tasks are one-time tasks, such as campaign setup, and others will be performed on a recurring basis after launch, such as bid management, campaign optimization, monitoring and reporting, etc.


These clients hired my Google Ads Consulting service and sent me an unsolicited testimonial:
Dolores Gonzalez
CEO Farmadina

"Since Manuel has been managing our Google Ads account and my company's Merchant, the results are really good in volume and profitability. No doubt thanks to his professionalism and his work."

Bostjan Veronik
CEO Seatizen Sail Croatia

"Our company is a client of his since 2012.

Thanks to excellent Paid Search knowledge of Manuel M. Esparza, we could increase our sales by more than 200% over the same period by actually lowering our marketing costs for campaigns, which significantly improved our ROI and provided us with an unbeatable competitive advantage of every market we are serving."

José María González de la Cruz
CEO EyD XVII, Lawyer

Manuel has helped us a lot in discovering the Google channel to generate business opportunities for our Firm.

He has accompanied us at all times with great accessibility and empathy with our business.

We have gone from a certain initial disbelief to a full conviction that we want to continue betting on these channels to win new customers.

Bobby O'Connor
SVP of Sales & Marketing WestRock

Manuel is a committed and hard working professional.

He has a great ability to handle many complex issues at the same time and also possess a rare ability to determine the central issue at stake and solve it.

I recommend his digital marketing services for many reasons including his targets' accomplishment, insight, work ethic, intelligence and unique sense of humour!

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