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Success story: lead generation for the sale of real estate assets.
Management and sale of real estate assets.
Google Ads Consulting, PPC Consulting.
October 2016 - March 2017

The customer

Sareb is a company created a decade ago with the mission of managing the troubled assets of banks.

It was born with the mission of divesting a giant stock of assets in loans and real estate. The digital part emerged as another opportunity for the fulfillment of this mission. Quickly, SEM PPC campaigns became a success that allowed Sareb to repay part of the debt guaranteed by the State, following a sustainable and responsible management model.

These are some of the visual arts that were used for the landings of the SEM PPC campaigns


The goal was to obtain 30 M. € in sales of a certain stock of homes, in a special operation that became known as "Rebajas Sareb: Run for your house".

The challenge was to come up with a successful lead generation strategy in a sector as busy as real estate. SEM PPC campaigns had to act as an effective mechanism to trigger sales opportunities (leads) with which to nurture the sales teams.

During the contest, several proposals advocated a very balanced investment mix between Google and Facebook/Instagram, and an overemphasis on lead volume as a condition for reaching the target. I, on the other hand, advocated another approach.


I proposed to the client a solution of Google Ads and Social Media Ads campaign services, with a mix in favor of the former.

My estimates contemplated a scenario with a lower volume of leads, and I argued that it was possible to meet the revenue target, as finally happened, by investing more in more expensive leads (Google) but of better quality and higher final conversion rate (lead to sale).

It was a seemingly risky bet(more "obsession" with lead quality than volume). This logic, which usually does not fail and which has to do with the idea that "less is often better".

And I suggested a series of actions based on four pillars or SEM PPC strategies:

Prioritizing the demand for Google searches.

My strategy was to generate leads but always maintaining their exquisite quality, giving visibility to all that real estate inventory in those search terms loaded with high purchase intentionality. The campaign structure separated keywords by types of properties and geographies, taking into account the level of inventory at the level of each url, and the situation at any given time.

Closing the lead conversion funnel through Remarketing.

For all that visiting audience previously segmented by high intentionality searches, and not yet converted, I proceeded to implement non-intrusive remarketing campaigns, to find the user in that moment of tranquility when they were ready to provide us with their data. We worked on search remarketing (RLSA) and classic remarketing on Google Display and on Facebook and Instagram.

Searching for potential buyers on Display.

In addition, a multitude of segmentations and audiences were worked on in prospecting display campaigns (purchase intent audiences, customer lists, similar audiences, personalized audiences, etc.).

Collaborating in the structure and other requirements for the landings.

The new digital media designed ad hoc for this operation fulfilled critical functionalities for the performance of the SEM PPC campaigns such as the real-time management of a faithful inventory of homes at the level of each URL (activation/pause of groups through an API), the optimization of the copies or the alignment of its architecture with the SEM strategy, allowing to deploy URLs according to the different types of searches and geographic signals.



Earnings (+EUR 30 million) exceeded targets due to real estate divestments.

Less is more: the goal is achieved with almost half the number of leads. This case shows that the quality of the leads matters a lot.

A more Google-heavy mix results in a lower volume of leads in the equation, but triggers better sales.

In the auctions, ads beat competitors' ads > 70% according to the top ranking share metric.

The good quality of the account allowed us to maximize coverage, with a share of search impressions >72%.

+30 M. €

Income from home sales and purchases
With a third fewer leads (highly qualified leads)


Search impression share
(Ads in 3 out of 4 searches)


Top Ranking Quota
(With respect to real estate competition)


Number of Sareb brand searches
(vs. annual average)

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